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Bringing Figments of the Imagination to Particles of Our Reality

know the code to shun the code ~ stimulating conversations welcome

contact: chakotaye at, tongwuzi at; or Inworlds

Passions and Interests

[Deep Web / Data Mining / Knowledge Brokering]

[Virtual World Design / Mesh / CAD / Metaverses / Hyper-grid]

Firestorm | Hypergrid Business | Secondlife | IMVU | AltspaceVR | OpenSimulator | Blender | Poser | FreeCAD | Adobe | Corel | GIMP | Inkscape

[Robotics / Machine Language]

[Cosmobiology / Predictive Technologies]

[Genealogy / Historical Research]

[Horticulture/Perennial Gardening]

National Gardening Association

During COVID-19, I was unexpectedly visited by the wife of Jim Gremel. If you read this, please contact me. Your wife entranced me with her fiddling with my bonsai trio of Metasequoia glyptostroboides.

[AI / ML / Blockchain / Crypto]

Schneier on Security | Elonka Dunin

[Programming - Engineering - Data Masonry - IT/IS Consulting]

[Terrestrial and Aerial Scientifics]

[Privacy Advocacy / Security]

[Sacred Spaces / Sukiya Living / Deep Ecology]

Arne NÆss | Shinto | Sukiya Living Magazine

[Eastern World Studies]

[Martial Art / Security / Awareness]

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

[Facilities Management CAFM IWMS CMMS BIM GIS / Architecture / Built Environment]

Frank Lloyd Wright | Building Technology Heritage Library

[In mem]

Dana Eilers | Victor Milan | Kevin Michael McFadden | Shelley Jo (Vitale) Garcia


Conscious Community Magazine | The Monthly Aspectarian | The Mountain Astrologer | The Farmer's Almanac | Hearts of Space

It is hard to deny how the space around impacts us profoundly on a deep level. From going to gather food or being in your vehicle. How does it make you feel? What charm do you add to your environment? What is out of place or is everything just right?

Whether immersing yourself in a physical or virtual bath; take a moment to stop and take it in, rather then briskly moving through it.

Concepts, Visualizations, and Creations

Ideas can be brought to the built environment or enjoyed in VR/AR worlds. Builds are designed from the ground up, making them unique to your project. From watches to battleships, any object imaginable can be created.

Cake-eating Fish Turbulent Spa-v5.
Fig.1 - Cake-eating Fish Turbulent Spa-v5. ©
Simple sketch of tower concept.
Fig.2 - Simple sketch of tower concept. ©
3D assemblage of Beachoulisoisus-v32.
Fig.3 - 3D assemblage of Beachoulisoisus-v32. ©
Fig.4 - Garconniere-v303. ©
Concepts built from scratch using the latest in 3D rendering tools.
Fig.5 - Concepts built from scratch using the latest in 3D rendering tools. ©